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Growing up in my household it was quite normal to eat in large portions, have second servings, eat late hours and consume fast food regularly. By the time I was 26, I had reached my highest weight of almost 300lbs at a height of only 4’11, yikes! Dealing with the inconvenience and discomforts of being obese at a young age, had finally taken its toll on me. I was ready to make a change despite the countless failed attempts in my past.

Everything changed once I changed my mindset on the matter. I began to research, educate myself and talk to people. The best advice someone ever gave me was to keep it simple and remain consistent! There’s no need to over complicate things.. 

I was extremely insecure about my lower stomach area, so when I started my journey I knew i wanted to target that area! I wrapped my stomach with saran wrap every time I exercised to maximize my results I saw in my midsection. In 3 years, my waistline decreased from 54” to a now 30”. With these results, I  decided to start my own line of quality body slimming sweat bands for all sizes!


Losing over 100 lbs naturally while using sweat bands to shape my body and overcoming obesity wasn’t easy, but worth it! These bands are great for body contouring & makes a great difference when added to any routine!


Even if you currently have your desired figure, these slimming sweat bands are great for up keep and maintaining your snatched shape. This is not just a product, it’s a major part of my journey to becoming a healthier, sexier more confident version of myself.

Let me help you do the same! 

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