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 Where!? When!? How!? Are all questions beginners have. I know the hardest part of any weight loss/ body contouring journey is getting started, so let me help you! Guess what... This is so much more than just a meal guide. I've put together a step by step template to get you on track for your lifestyle change and healthier way of life! I've also added detailed instructions on how to stay COMMITTED & MOTIVATED.


Using the meal guide with the JessMyBody Waist Slimmer and other slimming bands will bring 

best results! I personally have lost up to 5 lbs in a week while incorporating the meal guide with the waist slimmer and other JessMyBody fitness products.


Jess My Meal Plan

$18.99 Regular Price
$16.14Sale Price
  • - Detox drink recipe

    - Tips on how to stay focus

    - 10 key rules for weightloss success 

    -  list of foods that specifically target stomach fat.... & more !!!

  • NOTE: After purchase of meal guide a digital download will be sent instantly to your email.

    all digital meal guide links expire within 30 days & must be downloaded to your device before the period ends!!!

    If unseen please check your spam mail.

    This digital meal guide can be instantly downloaded to your phone making it easier to stay on track while on the go!

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