Want to lose 5-15 lbs in 7 days while kick starting your diet, detoxing your body & boosting your immune system to help fight diseases? 


This juice cleanse is the healthiest way for rapid weight loss! Included are 10 recipes I use to detox my body & drop weight quickly in the healthiest way! 

Getting Started can be the hardest part, But knowing that my top 10 juice recipes will have you dropping those pounds quickly should give you some extra motivation!


The best way to start your weight loss journey is to detox your body. Most people have 10-20 lbs of Toxins sitting in their colon. Detoxing your body once or twice a year helps regulate digestion, constipation, bloating & eliminates weight gain. This is the best all natural solution. 



Juicer/ Blender

Fruits & vegetables



  • rapid weight loss
  • Cleanse your body of toxins 
  • Boost your immune system 
  • Helps to fight off diseases & viruses
  • Clears your skin 
  • Hair growth 
  • Natural energy boost 



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JessMyBody Top 10 Recipe  Ultimate Juice Cleanse